Knowing about other peoples journey and experiences around amputation can be a significant source of support and encouragement for those who are now faced with this life altering outcome.

For many the condition, trauma or disease which created the need for a life saving amputation will always be unique for the individual. But it is remarkably comforting to reach out and find someone else has been through the stage you are at and has come out the other side.

AMPUTEES NSW  shares a collection of experiences and challenges with not only it’s amputee members but also their families and communities at large.

The Amputee Journal, published quarterly in NSW and provided to the Australian National Library, is just one of the ways your amputation experience can be told.

Your story can provide light, hope and calm to a storm of emotion and anxiety. You might be the inspiration that touches a life and saves a life as well.

If you would like to share your amputation story then please contact us on the details below.


Phone :   1800 810 969   

Email :

Stay tuned as we start adding stories of challenge and inspiration in 2018


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