In this area of the website, you will find a host of information that is here to help you find everything from articles of interest to where you can go to have your prosthetics made.

This information will grow and change over time. If there is something that you think should be here that isn’t please let us know. We want your suggestions on how to improve this site and make it useful to all amputees.

You can email information to us or give us a call to talk to us about information that you would like to see here. It may be something that you have been trying to find out yourself and had difficulty in doing so and now you would like to share that information with other amputees. We are constantly looking for new information that is both interesting and useful.

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The Amputee Coach

32bccbb706  int space Empowering YOU to Walk Well,
Be Fit and Enjoy Life!
Written specifically for YOU this unique book not only looks at exercises for your physical health, but also the essentials for your mental and emotional well being.YOU’LL discover: 

  • How to improve YOUR balance and become more confident
  • The keys to start doing the things YOU used to do
  • How YOU can exercise safely & effectively at home
  • Tips & tricks to improving YOUR mindset and enjoying life
  • How YOU can walk better & have more energy
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INSPIRING Stories of Amputees which will help YOU see that while the road at times may seem difficult, YOU are not alone

The Amputee Coach is so much more than a book. It is a step-by-step guide which is creating a community of amputees empowered to keep moving & enjoy life to the full.

By Cathy Howells – physiotherapist with over 20-year experience with amputees
& Sandra McFaul

Foreword by Adam Hills – Comedian, Spicks & Specks – ABC TV

Decide How You Are Going To Get Your Copy Today!

Order your copy at your local bookstore NOW! Available from January 2010 in both Australian & New Zealand retail bookstores.

Pick up your copy at APC Prosthetics – Northmead and Hunter

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